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When you think of small town charm, images of children riding to school on their bicycles come to mind. The local eatery is filled with the vintage car enthusiasts drinking their coffees and chatting up the waitress, and everyone knows the shop owners by their first names because they have been in the town for so long that they are a part of the very heartbeat of the place. Bob Kendrick, the owner and operator of The Stove Connection, is one of those small-town, good-hearted people. Giving annually to the Tri-City Little League and the Del Oro High School Band is just part of being a socially invested, longtime business owner in Loomis.
Bob opened The Stove Connection in 1993 in a small brick building off of Taylor Road in the heart of town. Whereas many businesses started small and moved elsewhere as the times and economy changed, Bob settled in for the long run. He wanted a business whose customers could rely on it to be there in ten years when they needed an upgrade or a repair. Choosing to sell only top of the line, reliable products, Bob set out to make The Stove Connection a mainstay in the town, and he has done precisely that for nearly 25 years. His customers love him and come back to the shop year after year for their annual Chimney Sweep or Service. They know that, when the time comes, Bob will give them the best product for their money when they need to upgrade.
Providing the very best in customer service, outstanding products, and providing excellent products for all your Fireplace, Stove and Insert needs, The Stove Connection is your place to shop. Located at 3719 Taylor Road, the Stove Connection invites you to stop by and meet their friendly staff and see for yourself the benefit of buying locally, fro a family-owned and operated, small town business.Jennifer Whitlock, Loomis Country Living